"Laser tattoo removal is finally for real! Cover-up work is an inevitable part of tattooing.
Unfortunately, a great deal of the tattoos that clients want turned into something else simply can’t be done, especially with how dark professionally executed tattoos typically are. I’d guess most if not all tattooers either have done or have seen covers that, once healed, clearly show the original piece beneath. Neither the artist nor the client feels good about this. On the other hand, tattooers know the ease with which tattoos that are grayer in tone and with lighter or faded colors are completely disguised. These easily covered pieces are typically very old or were done poorly. Previous laser technology could get tattoos to this ghost-like place but only after many treatments.
It’s been my experience that the Enlighten laser cuts the number of treatments, on average, in half or better. With older or less powerful lasers, sometimes there’s no or very little discernible difference after two or three appointments, whereas that’s all the number of treatments necessary for some tattoos with the Enlighten system. 

In addition to that, Ginger and Dr. Hagerty at Premier Body and Laser will consult with the client’s tattoo artist so there’s an agreement as to how light the tattoo needs to be before it can be covered. Because of this communication, they can specify the number of treatments and overall cost and offer package deals.

For those worried about the pain, an Enlighten laser session is brief, and at Premier, they can completely numb the skin with injectable lidocaine prior, making it a painless experience. 

And for those who want a tattoo entirely gone, that is also now possible, given the new technology. Like I said in the beginning… Laser tattoo removal is finally for real!"