Dr. Hagerty

Dr. Hagerty is a board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for nearly 15 years. His caring philosophy of making the “patient first” combined with his passion for detailed, medical excellence have made him a sought-after physician among the thousands of patients he has worked with.

Dr. Hagerty grew up in the Los Angeles area exposed to people, philosophies and cultures in all walks of life. After completing high school he served a two-year church mission in Kentucky. While working on his Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University, he served as a laboratory instructor in anatomy, histology and pathology. He decided to pursue a career to become a college professor by enrolling in the Ph.D. program in Physiology and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona on full scholarship. His graduate work specialized in developing artificial blood vessels and wound healing, during which he discovered his passion for clinical medicine and treating patients. As a result, he completed his Master’s degree and entered medical school at the University of Arizona. After graduating from medical school he transitioned to Cleveland, Ohio where he completed residency in Emergency Medicine at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic Foundation and MetroHealth Medical Center. Fascinated by new technology and how it enhanced patient care, he remained there as faculty and completed a one-year fellowship in
Emergency Ultrasound. Since then, Dr. Hagerty has taught clinical ultrasound to physicians at the national level and has been published in textbooks used around the world.

Ten years ago, Dr. Hagerty moved with his wife and three children to Spokane, Washington, where he has continued to work as an emergency physician. In addition to his clinical work in the emergency department he has served as the medical director for the local paramedic school, the medical director for local fire departments, and acts as a consultant in the medico legal community.

Recently, Dr. Hagerty’s extensive education and passion to learn have seamlessly dovetailed with the latest technology advances to bring patient treatment to new levels with HD Lipo. As an experienced and reputable physician, he has the skill and technique needed to achieve superior results and the bedside manner to put every person at ease. He is thrilled to help patients improve their confidence, have greater satisfaction and accomplish their physical goals at Premier Body & Laser: Your Body in High Definition.

Rachelle Hagerty

Rachelle Hagerty is the Human Relations Director, Office Manager, and co-visionary of Premier Body & Laser. Rachelle met and married Dr. Hagerty 23 years ago, just before he finished his undergraduate work. She has worked at times over the years as a financial administrator while focusing on her highest priority: raising their three children. Her greatest joy in life comes from her family where most of her energy and time are committed. However, she still finds time and fulfillment in community and church service, participation in her kids’ school activities, genealogy, fitness and travel adventures with her family when time allows. Just a few years ago as her kids were getting older, Rachelle went back to school and fulfilled her goal of graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. Rachelle is excited to now work side by side with her husband at Premier Body & Laser, experiencing the joy of patient care that Dr. Hagerty has loved for so many years.

Ginger Lybbert

Ginger Lybbert is the Client Relations Manager at Premier Body & Laser. She has worked for decades in client relations, business development and sales at a variety of businesses. In addition, Ginger has brought to Premier Body & Laser her genuine care for people, enthusiasm and her ability to focus on clients’ individual goals. Ginger will be the first one you meet when you arrive and you’ll be in good hands with her. She will take the time to answer your questions, review our technology, and discuss the  tools Dr. Hagerty uses to get the amazing results for all of our clients. We recently received a thank you card from a past client that referred to Ginger as “an instant best friend.” We are confident you will feel the same way after meeting her. Not only will you will find that Ginger is fun to be with, you will quickly discover that your care, success and achieving your goals are her top priority.